When you can’t run the race you signed up for…

What do you do when you signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. months ago and just a week before it, you find out your house has foundation problems and is going to cost a few thousand dollars to fix? You do the adult thing and cancel all of your travel plans, flight & hotel. Now, what do you do…??? In my case, I let peer pressure get to me and signed up for my 3rd 50K Ultra Marathon this year!! Thanks, Todd & Bobby!! LOL!

Way’s Bluff 50K

Way's Bluff 50K Sunrise 

Way’s Bluff 50K Sunrise

I don’t know if I want to also thank or hate my friend, Helen Summerford, from MUTS (Mississippi Urban & Trail Society) for letting me sign up for the Way’s Bluff 50K Ultra Marathon at the last minute. LOL! But, I am glad I did sign up and run it when I remember the “fun” we had and look back at the pictures.

Way's Bluff 50K Pre-Race Talk 
Way’s Bluff 50K Pre-Race TalkWay's Bluff 50K Ultra Marathon Start 
Way’s Bluff 50K Ultra Marathon StartWay's Bluff Finish Line
Way’s Bluff Finish With Friends

Way’s Bluff Finish Medal